Helicopter transfer to French mountain ski resorts 20.03.2019

The French Alps are a popular winter holiday destination. They boast some 400 ski depots, a huge ski slope territory, ski trails of various complexity, sunny weather, resorts with snow making machines, premium services, Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest peak, affordable rental of professional equipment, a whole range of entertainment – in other words, everything required to have an enjoyable time.

Helitaxis in Europe 20.03.2019

Today, helitaxis are gaining traction. As the name suggests, they are air transportation to the desired destination point. Helicopters are light, manoeuvrable and very fast, while they can carry a large amount of baggage. This kind of air service is popular with wealthy clients and organizations. Transportation is carried out at the customer’s requested in the direction specified by them.

Helicopter Chartering in Russia 19.03.2019

European Russia occupies more than 20% of the country’s entire territory, and about 35% of Europe. Here, just like in Eastern Russia, helicopter chartering is quite popular. AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) has been operating in Russia since 2007, and now has branches in the following cities:

Order a helicopter in Poland 19.03.2019

If you need to charter a rotary-winged aircraft in Poland, Cofrance SARL’s online booking system will allow you to find the model you need within a few minutes and place your order on your own.

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