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We have dedicated 35 years of experience and passion to ensure that you enjoy flying on ultralight helicopters at an affordable price.

Excellent price

As the most affordable, fully assembled, ultra-light helicopter, the H3 EasyFlyer Sport is on its way to becoming a new bestseller in the light aviation market.

Fast delivery

The ultra-light, fully assembled H3 EasyFlyer Sport helicopter has the fastest delivery on the market. You can enjoy flying in your new helicopter just a few weeks after ordering it.

Hanging style

As the most user-friendly, ultra-light, fully assembled helicopter on the market, the H3 EasyFlyer Sport is ideal for training, having a good time and aviation activities.

Helicopter charter flights and rental

Helicopter services in Europe are gaining popularity every year: many travelers are abandoning the usual modes of transport in favour of helicopters. So, what is attractive about helicopter flights and where can you go using this original method of transport? Helicopter charter flights are becoming the most convenient way to travel for an increasing number of tourists and businessmen who value their time and independence. Indeed, it is the fastest and most convenient way to travel around Europe: e. g., while on vacation in France, you can reach Italy in a few minutes to visit friends or go on an interesting excursion.
Чартер и аренда вертолетаIn addition, if you do business in European countries, helicopter charter flights can be used. Urgent negotiations? Unexpected meetings? A helicopter taxi will take you to the destination on time and will become an indispensable assistant in your work.

Ordering a helicopter taxi from the airport to a rented villa in France or Monaco is popular: this service is used by travelers who want to save themselves from an exhausting wait for a bus or in traffic jams.

Helicopter rental provides even more freedom of movement and offers ample opportunities. With an aircraft staffed by a professional crew at your disposal, you become the master of the situation: you determine the flight date and time and decide which route to take. By renting a helicopter for a long time, such as for an entire holiday, you can enjoy daily flights, e. g. to the best resorts in France and Monaco, as well as visit other European countries.

You should know that there are helipads in almost all cities, which means that you can go wherever you desire. Moreover, from a bird’s-eye view, it is interesting to explore the European landscapes – to admire the French Alps, the hills and the lavender valleys of Provence, the idyllic Cote d’Azur, the ancient ruins of Italy, and tiny Monaco.

We are professionals!

Cofrance is the largest air broker with headquarters in Nice. Cofrance is a member of the professional organizations EBAA and NBAA, which testifies to the impeccable reputation and the highest professionalism of the company’s employees.

For more than seven years, Cofrance has been providing a wide range of services. In particular, it provides helicopter services from Monaco to Nice and works in other areas, offering modern helicopters of various models for rent and develops interesting sightseeing helicopter excursion routes.

Many clients of Cofrance often use the services of a helicopter taxi from Nice to Monaco. Why is this route popular? Monaco is a dwarf state, located very close to France. While on vacation in Nice, travelers often make one-day “forays” to the principality to get acquainted with its main attractions and have a good time; then, using the helicopter service from Monaco to Nice, they return to France again.

It is very easy to work with Cofrance: just call any convenient number (in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Alma-Ata, Nice), come to the office in Nice or leave a request on the website. An employee of the company will become your personal guide to the world of aviation: you will be offered several helicopters to choose from, told what sights it would be interesting to see from a bird’s-eye view and receive help in deciding on the departure date and time.

Cofrance’s rates for charter flights and helicopter rental are average for the market. So, working with the company, you can be assured of the ideal price and quality ratio of services.

Safety first!

Cofrance always takes care of safety and makes every effort to ensure that all customer needs are met. That is why all the helicopters Cofrance works with undergo regular technical inspections and the crew members receive refresher courses.

Cofrance air broker: only excellent results!

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