Helicopter tours in France 21.03.2019

Helicopter tours are a great way to make your vacation more memorable or give an unforgettable gift to a loved one. AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) is pleased to offer you exciting and non-standard routes over different parts of France.

Surprising facts about helicopters 21.03.2019

A helicopter is a unique aircraft with much greater functionality than that of a plane. It is capable of performing diverse tasks in a variety of situations. This article will present interesting facts about this wonderful aircraft you probably didn’t know before.

Kidnapped in a helicopter 21.03.2019

Have you ever been kidnapped in a helicopter? I have! This is how it all happened. We were on holiday on the Cote d’Azur. “We” means my large family: my mom, dad, younger brother and boyfriend. I’m 19 years old, and I’m really annoyed by close parental supervision. Needless to say, my boyfriend is annoyed by it too: all we dreamt of was hiding somewhere from the watchful eyes of my parents. But, unfortunately, they don’t yet let me travel…

What helicopters are used for 21.03.2019

The helicopter is a unique vehicle. Its area of use is extremely wide. It is much more functional than a plane, although it cannot reach the same high speeds. Helicopters’ main advantage is that they do not require a special long concrete strip for take-off and landing; in fact, they require a rather small area. In addition, the aircraft may be able to land in the open field, on the roof of a house or in the mountains. It only…

Helicopter pilot 20.03.2019

Is there anyone who didn’t dream of being a pilot as a child? Piloting an aircraft is cool and romantic. But it is, in fact, a strenuous and demanding job. This article describes helicopter pilot training procedures and particular features of the profession.

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