What helicopters are used for 21.03.2019

The helicopter is a unique vehicle. Its area of use is extremely wide. It is much more functional than a plane, although it cannot reach the same high speeds. Helicopters’ main advantage is that they do not require a special long concrete strip for take-off and landing; in fact, they require a rather small area. In addition, the aircraft may be able to land in the open field, on the roof of a house or in the mountains. It only…

Helicopter pilot 20.03.2019

Is there anyone who didn’t dream of being a pilot as a child? Piloting an aircraft is cool and romantic. But it is, in fact, a strenuous and demanding job. This article describes helicopter pilot training procedures and particular features of the profession.

The first helicopters 20.03.2019

The idea of creating a helicopter dates back to the first centuries AD. As an example, there was a Chinese toy in the form of a propeller on a stick. It was rotated by hand and thrown upwards. After flying for a few seconds, the stick fell to the ground.

Unusual helicopter services 20.03.2019

The leading European air broker AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) is able to provide helicopters for any purpose. Passenger and cargo transportation, sky excursions and walks, air operations, business and personal tasks – this is what most customers rent helicopters for. In this article we will talk about rare and non-standard services offered by our company.

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