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A helicopter allows you to fly quickly and land even in hard-to-reach places, and these are its main advantages. However, those who use this vehicle often want it to be even more comfortable, beautiful and multifunctional inside. That’s why we create unique interiors filled with luxury elements and technical innovations. Helicopters are flying farther and farther and longer journeys should only be a pleasure. In this article we will tell you about the features of the most luxurious helicopter interiors.

Technical equipment

What does the typical VIP passenger salon look like? First of all, the model should be as quiet as possible, and that’s why all modern helicopters have noise and vibration absorption systems so that the flight does not cause discomfort.

High status travelers become accustomed to being able to easily adjust the temperature and lighting in the salon, so there are air conditioning systems, heating and individual lights. Inquisitive travelers are also able to use outdoor surveillance cameras. Due to them it is possible to see beautiful panoramas in all their splendor, without turning your head and without getting up. The whole world is in the palm of your hand!

Cloakroom and bathroom

The much-needed civilizational achievement of the toilet has already been introduced to the VIP model. But, alas, it is not included in economical packages, and unprepared travelers sometimes suffer greatly because of this. Some expensive personal helicopters are even equipped with a shower, so the flight can be combined with water procedures.

Another important feature that standard passenger helicopters lack is a cloakroom. It is warm on board, and it is uncomfortable to sit in outer clothing. VIP models have spacious cabinets where you can hang clothes and put things you don`t need during the flight.


An extremely important addition, which is more often found in expensive models is an on-board kitchen. There’s not much room in the helicopter, so cooking a proper meal is a problem. However, the “galley” has a fridge and a microwave oven, a bar with drinks, dishes and a sink. It means that you will always be able to drink whiskey with ice or warm up lunch ordered in a restaurant.

Salon equipment

The level of luxury in the salon directly depends on the wealth and imagination of the owner of the helicopter. Luxurious furniture made of leather and precious woods, folding armchairs and even sofas, sliding tables, rhinestones and stones in the finishing, art objects – all this is easy to find in a private helicopter of a typical large entrepreneur. Even the passenger versions often have magnificent furniture and interiors by famous designers.

Even ordinary office workers can’t spend even an hour without the Internet today, what can we say about business people who save every second? That’s why there is Wi-Fi, satellite communications, LCD monitors, multimedia entertainment systems, collections of music, movies, games, and also an opportunity to turn it all off and sleep well.

Most luxurious helicopters

What’s so special about exclusive helicopter models? Those who purchase an aircraft for personal use strive to ensure that it meets all their needs. Therefore, interiors are often designed by famous designers and made only when ordered.

For example, the Eurocopter Hermes EC135 salon was created by the French haute couture house Hermes. About two hundred changes have been made to the basic equipment, and as a result, the cost of the helicopter has increased to almost six million euros. The AW109 Grand Versace VIP version, the design of which AugustaWestland ordered from the famous Italian design centre, had not progressed very far, and as a result the price of the “rotorcraft” rose to five million euros.

The very popular and fashionable model Bell 429, which is actively used in Russia, was created with the participation of Mecaer Aviation Group. VIP passengers appreciate the electrochromic windows, IFEEL entertainment system with touch screen control, interactive maps, audio and video recordings, bar and bathroom, elegant ergonomic armchairs and soft adjustable lighting.

Nowadays it’s easy to improve your helicopter, implement reliable control and safety systems, completely change the design and equipment of the cabin! Simply contact AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) and order a tuning service. This wish can be fulfilled both in Europe and in Russia.

Author: Nikolai Danilov


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