Order a helicopter in Poland 19.03.2019

If you need to charter a rotary-winged aircraft in Poland, Cofrance SARL’s online booking system will allow you to find the model you need within a few minutes and place your order on your own.

We provide airplanes in the country and abroad. We fly to the following major cities:

• Warsaw
• Krakow
• Poznan
• Wroclaw
• Gdansk
• Szczecin
• Lodz
Flights to small villages where there is a landing pad present are also possible. Flights to other European countries can be made.

Just specify the desired route and order a helicopter through our website. After entering the required data, a Cofrance SARL manager will contact you to discuss the flight details.

How is the flight cost calculated?

The flight cost is calculated individually based on the following:

– flight range;
– comfort level;
– helicopter power and model;
– additional services.

In the case of the most popular destinations, the system automatically marks the price for different models. In other cases, the manager from AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) sends a letter indicating the flight cost.

Our company focuses primarily on flight safety. Rotary Cofrance SARL machines are produced by leading world manufacturers:

• Robinson;
• Вell;
• Airbus Eurocopter;
• Mi;
• Sikorsky.

Our helicopter fleet is periodically updated with modern models. Clients can choose a model that matches their preferences. There are modest, low-cost options and luxury, VIP helicopters.

Clients in Poland can charter helicopters on favourable terms, since the prices offered by AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) are about 30 percent lower than those of other intermediaries.

Helicopter chartering is a beautiful, non-standard and effective solution.


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