Helicopter chartering in Monaco 19.03.2019

If you need a helicopter in Monaco, AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will be glad to provide you with an aircraft for a flight in any direction. Aircraft can be chartered for various purposes:

– transfer;
– air taxi;
– sight-seeing;
– freight.

Contact us via our site to obtain a personal quote in a few minutes

Cofrance SARL offers both affordable and luxury options. We have the following helicopter models at our disposal:

– Robinson,
– Airbus Eurocopter,
– Вell,
– Agusta,
– Mi

Choose the helicopter you need and it will be waiting for you at the indicated time:

Cost calculation

The choice of helicopter depends on the number of passengers and flight range. The Cofrance SARL manager will help you to choose the right option and will instantly calculate the price. On average, 1 minute of flight costs 50-100 euro depending on the helicopter; For example, a 75-minute Monaco-Courchevel flight on the five-seat AS-350 will cost 5400 euro. This is the total price. Thus, each passenger pays 1080 euro.

Placing an order

Helicopters can be chartered online. Just indicate as follows:

– route;
– date of departure;
– number of passengers;
– luggage weight;
– number of children, if any;
– number of pets, if any;
– model of the helicopter, if chosen;
– whether you need a transfer or taxi after landing;
– others requests;

The Cofrance SARL manager will send you an estimate after discussion of the details of your trip;

If you have any questions, just contact the Cofrance SARL specialist, who is available 24 hours a day. You can contact us however you wish – phone, email, feedback form on the Web site, messenger, or via social media. If you need to charter a helicopter in Monaco for a flight, cargo delivery or sight-seeing, just make an online request, and we will organize the flight according to your wishes.


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